Business Coaching

Starting, building and operating a successful business has little to do with luck. According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, of the 299,123 new businesses that started up during 2008-09, only 51% were still operating just three years later in 2012. A whopping 146,570 small businesses did not survive the first 3 years of operation. I specialise in getting businesses out of the 'pit of doom' and turning a profit as soon as possible. How do I do this? By unlocking your Secret Sauce and helping you achieve & grow what is authentically yours...

Statistically only 10% of all small to medium businesses will survive the first 5 years of operation… of these, only 10% will survive the second 5 years of operation. For me these odds are not acceptable!

Imagine: profitable growth, increased sales and cashflow; more time for yourself and your family; reduced costs and waist; and operating in harmony with the community and environment. Imagine the positive impact we can have on business owners, their families, their employees, their communities and the economy as a whole if we can increase the survival rate of small and medium businesses by just 10%. In fact my track record is much higher than that.

Imagine if we can help your business not only survive, but also succeed and thrive sustainably. By sustainably I mean that the business will succeed and thrive in a way that is lasting and sensitive to the communities and environment in which the business operates.
A successful business has the power to do great things for it’s people, society and the environment. If I can help more businesses succeed, then in some small way I am able to make the world a better place. That in essence is my vision!

Hi! I'm Greg Hardwich. I help businesses of all types and sizes to improve profitability, increase efficiency and maximise employee potential.

If you are looking for improvement in one area or many, I can show you how to turn your business around and reach your goals faster.

My mission is to help you unlock your secret sauce. Are you ready?